Words that some fun humans have used to describe me & I promise they weren't paid to say that!

Kind hearted
Goes above & beyond


I am a bit of a dream chaser, if you want something, go get it! I fell in love with photographing weddings three years ago, the buzz and love in the room fills my heart! I am a keen adventurer too so if you want to run to the hills, I am there! Just give me plenty warning so I can up my cardio game at the gym first! ;-)

Natural, relaxed & chilled vibes is the way you want your day to be right? Great! Don't like posing? We can do your portraits naturally and quickly with lots of laughing in between and once you see your photos you'll be amazed at the moments YOU created yourself! Us photographers are masters of being ninja's, you will barely notice that I am there!

Nice to meet you, I am Sophie! An out-going, bubbly and friendly human being. 

random but
important facts

I am a keen adventurer! I have been as close to home as Edinburgh but as far as New Zealand! I also volunteered in South Africa. 

I am obsessed with all things art & interior. A day in home sense or venturing round all home shops is my ideal day out, if I am not off adventuring!

I strongly believe in whatever is meant to be, will not pass you by. This is my life mantra for everything. 

Cheese and crisps are life, not together though. I aspire to be a professional connoisseur in these two foods one day! 

I have laughing fits, a lot! 






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